Thursday, May 13, 2010

Le Letdown

Since all the Regretsy fuckery, I've had two job interviews. I'm pretty sure those events are mutually exclusive, but you never know; the universe may have decided to cut me a break. The first one was at a Catholic high school about 20 minutes from my parents, which is nice in that I'd be able to stay with them rent free and unpleasant in that they are insane. But I'd be able to come back here on the weekends and we could save for a house.

Now, despite my atheism, I went to a Catholic school, so I know how the game is played. Also, so long as no one tries to convert me, I have no qualms with the religious. I panicked a little when I was asked in the interview if I was "spiritual" or "religious", but I managed to squeak out some kind of satisfactory response while avoiding the words "I", "don't", "believe","God", and "exists". So I left feeling pretty good about the whole thing, and the interview was even on my mother's birthday to boot.

Though I felt really good about the interview, I went ahead and made arrangements to interview one state over just for the hell of it. I figured it couldn't hurt, and since my dad offered to spring for a hotel room, it's win-win. And despite being in essentially a one horse town, I figured "quaint" can get me through the burgeoning career for a few years. And *that* interview was even better than the Catholic school interview (maybe because God didn't figure in). It was pretty laid back, which was nice considering the 5 hour drive I had to get there and back (in the rain, btw...). I had a small crisis when I though about moving even further from my family than I currently am, but $38K a year speaks volumes when the previous years haven't even broken $18K between multiple jobs. Which, by the way, is AWESOME.

Well, as soon as I manage to get myself embroiled in pretty heavy rush hour traffic, the Catholic school calls. And as soon as I saw the number on my cell, I just knew that I didn't have a chance in hell (thanks for nothing, Jesus). The principal was nice enough on the phone, telling me I interviewed well and I made his choice hard, but ultimately they went with someone with more experience. Which I find highly ironic, because how in fuck are you expected to get experience if you're currently in your third summer of job hunting??? He did offer, with my permission, to pass my resume on to any other school that happens to be in need of interviewees (or second-stringers, I though to myself), which I thought was pretty cool of him. So, all I had to hang on to was the long-distance job.

Until this morning.

I should point out that it's my husband's birthday today. We were on our way to take advantage of Denny's free Birthday Grand Slam breakfast when I got the call. Which was that ultimately, they went with someone else, but I had been a close second; that it was not that I interviewed poorly (far from it, I was reassured), and that he was sorry I had driven so far for nothing. I was quite proud of the fact that I didn't burst into tears until I hung up with the guy, but then I had to cry all over my husband, who was probably looking forward to a saline-free birthday.

So, I interview well, I am articulate and I present a clear vision for what I expect in my students and from a position within a district. But I'm only second best. Now I know how Miss Congeniality feels: stabby.