Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Spirit Week

This week is spirit week. The students are encouraged to participate in fun weekly wardrobe activities, like Monday's "Class Colors" event (Freshmen in green, Sophomores in purple, etc.). Tomorrow is "Sport Jersey Day". The downside of being married to an artist is the decided lack of sports jerseys. Today was "Crazy Day", with a lot of bright colors and bathing suits on the outside of clothes. The highlight?

6 foot tall senior in electric blue footie pajamas.

There's a big all-school festival on Friday, and I volunteered to take a pie to the face. However, it was by vote, and since I'm a freakin' sub, no one voted for me. It's not that I WANT a pie to the face, but let's face it... volunteering to be smothered in pastries has got to look good on a resume. Actually BEING smothered in baked goods is as good as getting hired.... or it should be, anyway.

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