Friday, April 16, 2010

This has been the most productive sick week ever.

I have only worked one day this week. Partly due to whatever Martian death flu I've been inflicted with and partly because job #3 ran out of work. If they don't scan in the work fast enough and we catch up, then we get an instant day off. Which is nice when you feel like concentrated ass, but it sucks when it's paycheck time.

Since I found myself with copious amounts of "free time" and since the Etsy thing exploded on Wednesday, I've been able to be crafty this week. Which is nice; I was going through withdrawals. The downside is that if I go too fast or bend over, I get dizzy. So it's been slow. I thought I was all better a few days ago and probably over did it... woke up the next day and felt like I'd been hit by a truck. I hate being sick.

In other news, I just got off the phone with the Department of Education. Why are they so damn nice? My federal loans have been in deferment pretty much since 2002, and they are all just so freakin lovely and willing to help when I'm down and out. Not like Sallie Mae, who could give two shits that between three jobs I can't afford the monthly payment because they want more than I make in a month and a half. And the customer "service" reps are bastards. There. I said it. Jerks...

Even though I'm greatfull that the feds are willing to work with me, the fact that I've qualified for economic hardship deferment for the last 8 years is depressing. And the worst part is that student loans are pretty much our only debt. It's not like we're driving fancy cars or wearing designer clothing; we get by on what little we can. And we're not malcontent about it, either. It's just our life and we do what we have to.

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