Sunday, February 13, 2011

Because my job's not hard enough...

I've had a really bad week.

I'm used to challenges. I just wish they didn't decide to fall into my lap at once. Or be so emotionally charged. Let's just get to the point; this week I was diagnosed with lupus. It makes teaching interesting. Typing and writing is uncomfortable, but since it's been caught early it probably won't get any worse, or go into my organs (which means my sister can keep her kidney- she's thrilled). My students know, or at least know my hands hurt, so they're willing to help pass out papers and whatnot, which helps.

The harder challenge is that my mother-in-law, a woman I love dearly, has just been given a very grave diagnosis. To take this job, we moved 4 hours away, and part of me is wracked with guilt over that. We found out on a Friday, so I have to pray I can get through Monday without breaking down in front of my classes.

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  1. Oh man...that just sucks. I honestly don't know what to say other than, that sucks. You know we're here if you need us :)

    love you!