Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Student quote of the day

Teaching Speech isn't my forte. And the class I have is proving to be especially challenging; because it's an elective, they seem to think they don't have to do the work or can screw around and be disrespectful. the past two weeks have seen me approaching each class period with dread; however, today seemed to be a turning point. They were better behaved, more respectful, and overall made me feel much less homicidal than normal. We're talking about symbols and the meaning behind them. I gave them a worksheet that had the Twittter logo on it. Then this happened:
Mike: I hate Twitter.
Me: Me too. I never got the appeal.
Mike: The logo is like a backwards F.
Me: Oh, so it is. I never noticed that.
Mike: Yeah, it's like it's making fun of Facebook. And Mark Wahlberg.
Me: ::blink blink:: What does the Twitter logo have to do with Mark Wahlberg?
Mike: Didn't he invent Facebook or something?
Me: ZUCKERberg, dear. Mark Zuckerberg invented Facebook.
Mike: Oh. I got my Bergs mixed up. I hear he's a douche. (turns to the German exchange student, Jon) Hey Jon, do you know anyone named Berg in Germany?
(Jon looks confused.)
Me: Berg is a suffix, Mike.
Mike (to Jon): Is there anyone with a name that ends in Berg in Germany?
Jon: There are eight million people in Germany. I'm sure there are a few.

So maybe this class doesn't suck.

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