Friday, February 18, 2011

Student Quote of the Day

I have three best girl friends in one of my English classes. Ordinarily they drive me nuts with their incessant need to gossip about boys, shopping, and who knows what else, but every once in a while it's totally worth it. The thing that you need to know is that one of the girls, "Kelly" is bi-racial-

Kelly: Mrs. D, did you go tanning?

Me: Uuuuh..... no? I've never been tanning in my life.

Kelly: You look tanner than usual.

Me: Nope, I'm my usual pasty self.

Jennifer (to Kelly): Do you tan? You're always so dark.

Kelly: No, you idiot. I'm half black.

I had to walk away. Quickly. And go talk to another group. If I didn't, I'd have inadvertently laughed in poor Jennifer's face.


  1. I swear - the highlight of my days is listening to what your students come up with...